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Diploma in MRI Technician

Diploma in MRI Technician at Apex Paramedical Institute is a job-oriented course that is a great choice for anyone hoping to break into radiology tech. Working as an MRI technician is a smart choice for those interested in allied health and the demand for radiology technicians is as high as ever.

Apex Paramedical Institute provides students with the opportunity to be trained by highly qualified healthcare professionals, along with learning as a part of on-job training in its constituent college.

The course provides students with a comprehensive learning experience and aims to give them an understanding of the various aspects of radio diagnostic technology, including patient examination techniques, patient care, professionalism and protection of x-ray equipment. Students undergo intensive training and acquire requisite knowledge and skills about patient examination techniques, patient care, professionalism, radiation safety norms for both themselves and patients along with protection of x-ray equipment at the same time. Some major areas covered are human anatomy and physiology; basic physics including radiological physics; physics of newer imaging modalities; quality control in radiology; radiation safety norms; contrast & special radiography procedures; image processing techniques

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI technician must be able to operate the scanner and record images, as well as maintain accurate records.

The main purpose of the course is to give you an overview of the subject.

  • To understand the basic principles of magnetic resonance imaging
  • To utilize appropriate MR pulse sequences in clinical imaging, and practice safety protocols while working in the MR environment
  • To gain technical knowledge of radiological and imaging technology required for diagnosis of various ailments thereby enhancing clinical skills
  • To facilitate overall professional development, enhance communication skills required for systematic exchange of professional information
  • To exhibit leadership required to coordinate, delegate and supervise care safely
  • To express appropriate communication skills with systematic exchange of professional information and provide help and care to patients efficiently
Eligibility Criteria For Admission:

10+2 science with 40% (PCB/PCM) by any recognized Institute/Board.

Age must be 17 years or more. (No Upper Age limit)

Why Study Diploma in MRI Technician?

On completion of your course you gain access to ample work opportunities such as:

Employment at General Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Imaging Labs offering MRI scan service.


Nuclear Medicine Technologist

X-ray Technician

Radiologic Technologists

Ultrasound Technician

We believe that, the paramedical students need to have an all-round development through varieties of curricular and co-curricular activities.