Principal's Message

Dr. Swaroop Patel
Director / Principal
Apex Paramedical Institute

Healthcare services in India have seen considerable growth in recent years, with state of the art hospitals and technologies becoming commonplace. Advanced machines are utilized to support diagnoses, making Health Care Services a lucrative industry.
Healthcare services are desperately needed butface difficulty in reaching those who need it most. The lack of availability and saturation of these types of services have been attempted through various means, including financial incentives and mandated mandates, however this has had limited success.
Over the course of my long career in health care, I have noticed that the situation is not getting better. In fact, it seems to be deteriorating rapidly. To succeed, Health Care Services need a Para-Medical on hand to support three regular Physicians. However, this rule of thumb often does not apply in reality! A Pare-Medic (backbone) is essential for maintaining and improving our current Health Care System. His absence creates an unhealthy vacuum which can lead to disaster called "the black hole concept".
I will wear the attire of a Paramedic Educator and Producer in order to fulfill my social obligations to my profession. I am confident that, when enough paramedics are present, our health care system will be given the necessary boost it needs.

Setting up Apex Paramedical Institute o for Para-Medical Courses is my service to the community that trusts me their life in my hands